Is this Paranoid Schizophrenia ?

Erika Asked: Is this Paranoid Schizophrenia ?

Im 15 . Bipolar 1 & anxiety disorder .
I take seroquel 150mg
I hallucinate
Im delusional
I feel like people talk about me or laugh about me .
I cant sleep good cause im scared theres something under my bed or looking at me through the window .
Ive isolated myself
When i showet i lock the door and close all the windows and shower with the curtain open cause im scared theres someone there trying to harm me .
I dont trust anyone .
Please help ?!


Unicorn Answered:
If you don't trust anyone, then why are you asking total strangers? Anyway the answer is no. The paranoid always survive.

Katie Answered:
I am the same I you I personally think it is just Paranoia, not anything related to Schizophrenia.

Zwench Answered:
Are you brave enough to speak with your school counselor?He/she can help you identify sources of help for this.I can't say whether this is schizophrenia or not- you'd need a much deeper analysis than what you could get on here but please seek help.Teenage years are rough enough without having to endure what you've described.

Vortex Answered:
Do you really need an amateurdiagnosis over the Internet. Do you need a diagnosis at all? I think you need to speak to a good psychiatrist who can sort this out and treat whatever it is. It does not matter what label you get, it matters that you feel good and the proper treatment will certainly help you get there. A lot of normal people lock the door when they shower and think people talk about them. Not everything is an indication of a malady. Let a doctor decide, one who is qualified. Good luck!

EV Answered:
For Unicorn, strangers are the best sources of trust. And if your descrption is real, yes you have schizophrenia. But how do you know you have delusions? Isn't it supposed to be called delusion because you think it's true?

Anton Answered:
NLP techniques can help you shift from the anxiety state into a calm state. They are visualisation techniques. For example, you can treat those hallucinational or delusional entities like funny anime characters giving them
awkward voices and shrinking them. This will help you laugh at them instead of feeling anxious or scared. Remember the little boy in Home Alone I, declaring "I'M NOT AFRAID!" and setting about protecting his home against dangerous people who are bigger than himself and who eventually become like those funny anime characters. He was a warrior. The following sources will help you fight back your anxiety. Explore Pranayama techniques more and do some breathing exercise to feel calm and centered whenever you feel anxious. Be well.

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