is this normal for someone my age?

Jess Asked: is this normal for someone my age?

im 16
atm im just not really enjoying anything, go to school and seem bored and not got the energy for it and then when i get home never seem to be interested in doing anything.
i know last year was hard losing my parents and getting adopted but im pretty sure it has nothing to do with this as im very greatful i have what i have unlike others in the world. and i suffer with sleep apnea but it hasnt been playing up and ive been sleeping well.
at school i now seem to enjoy just watching others mucking around and laughing with eachother rather than joining in like i use to do. its weird i would rather watch others have fun than have fun myself, its just not me :/
im not sure if its just my age
so please if you have any idea why i feel like this please say. thank you xx :)


Dax Answered:
Did you notice now that everything is boring?

Welcome to The World!

CS Answered:
People's attitudes to everything vary from person to person.
I mean, really, what is normal?

Everyone is unique.

Oh yes Answered:
Hmm,, go with the flow. You're creative enough to appreciate and enjoy it, so try and get involved.

Kpopfan Answered:
16 is an age where everything starts to change, you know with hormones and such, so i don't think you should be too worried about beginning to get bored easily. But you could try to find new hobbies to enjoy and also if you enjoy watching others instead of joining in with them – as long as you're happy it doesn't matter, does it?

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