is this an eating disorder? which one? HOW TO GET HELP?

DYING TO BE SKINNY Asked: is this an eating disorder? which one? HOW TO GET HELP?

Okkkk my eating disorder is a bit weird :/
I usually try to starve my self (300-600 cals burning 300-500) but I only manage to 3 days a week tho. The other 4 days I binge. It usually depends how many calories but usually 1000-2000. Also sometimes it's all in one sitting and I can't move afterwards. If the binge is really bad I purge but I try not to purge because it's bad for your health. Usually I take a lot of laxatives. To cleanse myself and start ""fresh. Also on days I binge I try to workout but sometimes I'm too sick to. Also I get really depressed and I cry all night long I don't sleep and I cut myself (I'm trying to stop) I punch myself and hurt myself when I binge to punish myself. I put myself through hell when I binge. Its very bad actually. I'm also in a bad mood after I binge.
I'm at a normal weight with a healthy bmi (like 22 or something) but I see myself as obese. I swear I look obese. It's horrible. I look like I hve a gym ball under my shirt. I swear I'm huugeeeeee.

Anyways I think I have an eatiding disorder but I haven't been diagnosed. Also I want toget help but my parents are unsupportive and if I tell them this they will beat me up like when I was anorexic. Oh I forgot I have struggled with anorexia but was never treated. What should I do???

Also: I am clinically depressed, I have anxiety, struggled with anorexia in the past, I'm suicidal and I cut myself and yeah.

Thank you all so much!!! <333


Never Too Late Answered:
You seem to have bullimia or EDNOS. I suggest searching for a treatment center, telling your doctor, and telling your patents.
Your parents will want to help – mine did. They probably will yell, but only out of confusion/love

fallenfromgrace1991 Answered:
It sounds like you have bulimia & anorexia. You need to find counseling even it's just a hotline number. You need to talk to someone about your problems. I think that will help with the bad feelings about yourself & the depression. Keep a Journal maybe if you aren't brave enough to talk to a physical person. Try to keep positive.

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