is it rape or something else?

Stella Asked: is it rape or something else?

I have just obsessive compulsive disorder and suffer from it,last week I stayed at my friends home and there were some people that I don't know well also,the next day I had a skin irritation like burning in my private areas',there was a burning sensation but it was not inside my vagina,it was my menstrual period and I was wearing a menstrual pad,could it be that's why or something wrong,I had wax my bikini area 1 week ago before that irritation,and it happened to me one time,and when I woke up there wasn't something wrong,during that day,I felt the irritation in my skin when I walked,I have ocd and this question really eats me out for weeks,I know I have asked thid question for many times but I'm a virgin and I don't know how does it feel,by the way skin irritation started when I walk on the street on my way to school,when I woke up,there wasn't something wrong.By the way I wasn't alone in the room, I was sleeping near my female friend and I wonder if they could have used a knock out spray for raping?


Tapestry6 Answered:
Maybe you have a vaginal infection, go to the doctor and get the medication.

ashley Answered:
I don't think you have been raped. Or even lost you virginity wired way you would be so sore you might just have a simple infection. Try to make a Dr.s appt:) best of luck. Buy nobody raped you sweetie!

derek Answered:
There is no conspiracy set up by your friends to let someone rape you..why the hell would that be your first thought? Go to the doc…maybe uti?

H Answered:
Wearing a pad change chaff the skin and cause a rash. Waxing the bikini area can cause a rash. Even getting your period can cause some irritation, especially since you wear a pad.

You would have more than a rash if you were raped. They wouldn't replace your pad. You would have bruising on your genitals inside and out. There would be pain and you likely would find walking difficult…painful. You would KNOW if you were raped and I hope you never find out what that feels like. Ever.

If you have a question…then get checked out by your gynecologist.

And please talk to your therapist.

chikka Answered:
Well my girl… I'll tell you a lil' something about waxing and shaving…. as your sweat,your pores open and with waxing,its not uncommon for the area to become a lil' itchy/ burny.And seeing its when u wake up or walk to school,my guess is that your sweat is irritating your skin. Now what I do that works wonders is,I use a talc powder or baby powder on the area after showering. Not a ton,just dust the area lightly. Make sure the area is dry when u do!! I believe that will help you,….actually I know it will as I get the same thing…lol

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