Is it normal that I ‘space out’ ?

scenekidTWT Asked: Is it normal that I ‘space out’ ?

Im not sure if space out is the correct term, but my boyfriend and I have been noticing I just stare off into space for long periods of time. It happens all the time wether im at home or at school. When im spacing out I usually don't remember what im thinking… Most of the time when I stop I get really mad and frustrated for no reason. I can hear when people are talking to me but I have no idea what they said to me. I would like to know if its some disorder. And.please dont tell me I need more rest because I sleep at least 9 a day/night.


Dante Answered:
The same happens to me all the time, once my mom was having ago at me for something but i didn't realise because i was just so spaced out, I would say its normal.

hunter Answered:
That always happens to me, I'd say it's pretty normal. But if you're really worried, go see your doctor. :~)

Bernie Answered:
We're bombarded everyday by chemicals.Some say the government is trying to dumb us down using various means.Who knows if that's true.What is true for sure is that in many areas of the United States, flouride is added to everyone's drinking water.If you research flouride you discover it's super bad for your brain.You bath in it, you drink it, you cook with it…you can't get away from it…unless you work really hard to do soThen there's the air…chemtrails are filling our skies with chemicals…barium…aluminum and other really bad crap.Check out youtube "What In The World Are They Spraying?".Also check out youtube "The Great Culling".And I bring this up only because staring off into space may be a sign that your brain is being influenced by chemicals…almost like you're on drugs.Hope this helps.

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