Is he bipolar or a sociopath?

Thomas Asked: Is he bipolar or a sociopath?

I have a very close relative who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He gets easily irritated, talks fast, never shuts up, which symbolizes mania…..He also has sleeping problems…but he has interests and is not suicidal whatsoever which is why I don't think he has the depression part of it…..

Hes a big liar and could honestly care less about anything….he thinks hes better than others…..and he is dangerous as he is violent to others without caring…..when he is questioned about it he completely denies it and is able to act perfectly fine when need be…..

Then again he may have a bit of depression because he gives up on things a lot and overeats……

is it possible he has both? Or what? Let me know….


Zens Dreams Answered:
Narcissistic personality disorder/ low self esteem/ Pathological Liar/Asshole, most likely apathetic possibly a sociopath

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