What Is Insomnia?


What is insomnia ? Insomnia is when an individual has any sleep related difficulties, mainly falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up too early in the morning. Each of these can be extraordinarily irritating and might have an effect on the way that the rest of your day plays out. It is because while you do get up you are still tired and not refreshed. Over a period of time individuals who suffer from insomnia are likely to develop mood disorders, they lack motivation, the inability to pay attention, lack of energy, and always being tired.


Individuals need sufficient sleep to be able to maintain a healthy and productive life. It has been said the folks spend about 1/3 of their lifetimes sleeping. That definitely seems like a lot of time but correct sleep is required for a healthy human body together with the important organs and the brain. The brain actually works some magic while an individual is asleep. With out sleep the brain begins to lose its capacity to function.


While the amount of sleep that an individual gets does not appear to be quite as important as the quality of sleep that they get, the 2 are nonetheless completely related. Insomnia has a very grave effect over a time period, each physical and psychological. Impaired mind functioning, accidents, anxiety and depression, stress, heart attacks, and headaches are common consequences of insomnia. Health can deteriorate because the individual gets mentally and physically weaker, becomes more irritable, and develops a wakened immune system that may lead to all types of illness.


Sleep occurs in a very unique manner. When it’s time for sleep, the retina in the eye sends a message to your brain; your brain in turn sends a message to a different part of the brain to produce the hormone melatonin, this in turn causes a drop in body temperature and the individual begins to feel signs of sleepiness. While this is going on, the brain starts to deactivate three of the brains chemical messengers that are responsible for keeping one alert, histamine, norephinephrine, and serotonin. So it is very important that the brain gets its rest so that it can perform properly on a daily basis.



Primary And Secondary Insomnia


There are various types of insomnia and varied causes as well. Insomnia may be broken up into primary and secondary. Primary insomnia means there’s absolutely no medical, physical, or emotional reason for the insomnia. Secondary insomnia means there’s a cause for the insomnia is it medical, psychological or physical. Usually, secondary insomnia is handled by a doctor and primary insomnia is treated with behavioral therapy.


The behavioral therapy often includes things such as sleep hygiene, progressive muscle relaxation, stimulus control, cognitive restructuring, and sleep restriction and scheduling. These have been very successful in treatment centers across the country.


It’s imperative that an individual get relaxed prior to attempting to go to sleep. Reading a book, watching some TV, or anything enjoyable is a great start when trying to get some sleep but should you lay there and discover that you simply lost all interest in sleeping, get out of bed and do something else till you’re feeling tired again. Laying there, tossing and turning isn’t going to do anything however make issues worse.