Im soo scared anxiety out of control?

Tiara Asked: Im soo scared anxiety out of control?

When i was 11 years old i had problems with Anxiety and i didnt tell my mum for 2 years, so in them 2 years i was struggling by myself, at the time i didnt no i had anxiety and everytime i couldnt breathe i searched it up and it cane up cancers and i was having bad panic attacks.
My mum finally found out when i was 13, i had a bad panic attack and i couldnt breathe we were in a mall when this happened, i was looking all around me everything didnt seem real, i thought the mall was going to collaspe, and i was telling my mum "We have to get out now!".I finally calmed down and she made me see a doctor and i was dignosed with Anxiety Disorder.I see a counselor now.
But im having problems sleeping and i can never sleep and i feel i will die in my sleep so im really scared, i feel im going to die i have no idea why, and i feel im scared to go out incase i get attacked.
Me and mum were walking to my sisters school to pick her up and i felt someone was going to shoot me and i had a panic attack.
I cant go into my room unless the window is opened either because im scared when i look out of it we are gunna be someone else!i know its crazy

I feel its being left untreated to long and i need medication mum said i cant because its addictive


JimK Answered:
Sounds like you just need to grow the F up. "Anxiety" is just in your head. You are just a weak minded person who's too lazy to deal with the world so you make up excuses like "anxiety." Just grow the F up and quit being such a whiny little baby and you'll do fine. Also your doctors made crap up so they can get even more money for "treating" you for a disease you've never even had in the first place.

amber Answered:
They are addictive but needed to get threw life for someone with sever anxiety. I would ask about a low dose of zanex as it has helped me in many ways with my anxiety.

Everdream Answered:
You should really talk to your counselor about your problems and ask if he can prescribe something for you, but you can't depend fully on medicine. You need to recognize that your fears are irrational and keep telling yourself that. Take deep breaths. Reason with yourself and try to calm yourself down before you start to panic. It seems like you have a preoccupation with and perhaps an abnormal fear of death. Maybe you should talk to your counselor about that and he/she can help you get to the bottom of it.

Mystery Writer Guy Answered:
Here is a forum that I go to for my Anxiety —>

There are a few downers there but plenty more people willing to help you out.

visnarayan Answered:
Tell this to your counselor. You need medical treatment. Treatment under medical treatment will not make you addict. Take your mum to a psychiatrist or your counselor. They will clear her doubts. i have gone through anxiety treatment without developing any type of addiction.

Seven In One Stroke Answered:
Wel luckily, medicine is a far less useful treatment than Cognitive Behavior Therapy, which does not require medicine. It has a VERY high rate of success on at least reducing the symptoms, even with relatively few sessions.

The breathing thing is horrible. I get it all the time. Its irritating cause what you're doing is: Tensing yor upper chest from fear, and hyperventilating without knowing it. That causes the sensations…But you really are over-breathing, not under-breathing.

But one thing that is really, really important, that you need to understand. So I'll put it bluntly: If you get worried about having a panic attack, it can send you crashing into one in moments. This is what happens when I manage to go a good amount of time without a major attack.."I think its nice that i dont have to worry about p –"Then I have a panic attack.

The cause is unmistakable.

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