Im so sick and scared please help?

haley d Asked: Im so sick and scared please help?

Hi im 16 and i have a major anxiety disorder. i take Celexa and now currently taking larazophram when needed. i am getting my 4 wisdom teeth removed this tuesday at 11. I have made myself so sick worrying about it. i havnt ate or slept normal for 4 days! i went for a consultation last night and he told me mine would be very easy and i would probably even have as much swelling as some of my friends would. im not scared of the pain. im scared of being so anxious there that i will cause an episode or die during the surgery because im so weak from not eating all week. i konw you cant eat before anyway so maybe thats a good thing. i just need some comfort. im scared for the laughing gas and the iv sedation part i know that people said its realllly relaxing and it feels like time flys realllllly fast. please tell me? thanks… 🙁


Femdyk Answered:
Oral surgery is a scary thing. I can't say it'll be comfortable but the drugs are nice and when it's over you never have to go through that again.

About the rest of your anxiety- what is your fear that you keep secret? That is the key to easing your anxiety. Drugs are not the answer. Honesty is. Good luck!

Blah B Answered:
It is really really relaxing and it feels like seconds. When they say easy, believe them. Try and focus (think) about something that really relaxes you too. It can be hard to do (was on anti-anxiety meds too for the same thing) however, it CAN be done and yes, YOU can do it!
We have the ability to freak our selves out or to relax our selves. KNOW that you can relax your self. Your brain is an unique and beautiful tool. Plus, eat something light, like chamomile tea and crackers. The tea will relax you too and the crackers will be a little something for your belly. 🙂

RisieRoo Answered:
when i got my wisdom teeth removed my dentist decided to do the bottom ones only, and i got the tops ones out a year later.because i did that, he decided not to send me into surgery and fully knock me out, but instead just numb my mouth and do it right there. worst. experience. ever.

but my sister and brother had all 4 taken out at the same time, and were knocked out and they said it was great. you go in, sit down, breath the gas, or get the shot, and your out like a light.i can tell you now that you won't have the energy for a episode, the gas will completely relax you. so much so, you'll be sleepy for the majority of the day, which is good because it sounds like you need the sleep.

try not to work yourself up, it will be fine, you have nothing to worry about.

jnkjtre Answered:
Omg 0.o are you me? LOL becauseee I definitely take both the same medication and I have to get my wisdom teeth out soon also and I haven't eaten or really slept either. 🙁 it's not suppose to be scary but I still am getting freaked out. I'm sure we won't die lol.

Sorry I wasn't much of a help, but you're not alone! 🙁

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