Im afraid i might be devolping insomnia and my eyes wont stop blinking regulary?

Chad Asked: Im afraid i might be devolping insomnia and my eyes wont stop blinking regulary?

Ive been up since eleven yesterday, so its been 34 hrs ive been up, plan was id stay up to get my sleeping routine on order, id be tired tonight at ten and then wake up early tomorrow but its now midnight and im still up and not tired i just feel kinda good staying up seeing all creation wake up and go to sleep it gives me a better illustration of whats around me and how i precieve it.

I watched like 5 movies last night and i've been drinking cofee all day i never drink cofee, i do have job and work five days a week but my two days off tues and weds are my sat an sun so i guess ill stop for work thurs, but i guess im doing it because im depressed stressed i cant put my mind at rest, to much is racing through my mind i worry and have to insure myself contantly, my eyes are acting abnormal to i keep on blinking a lot and people notice its like the more movement i see the more i blink and that me rested or not whats going on with me? I actually dont care, but kind of do, but im walking breathing its ok..


Maya Answered:
The lack of sleep combined with too much caffiene is affecting your brain, I suggest you take a warm bath and sleep as soon as you can.

RJ Answered:
Weed is better then anything prescribed by a doctor think about it this way if he gets to high off weed he's only going to pass out and maybe puke narcotics on te outher and he can get addicted to. If you let hi smoke a bit of pot he won't feel like he needs to rebel against you and try harder drugs have a talk with him about it though eaither way. Explaining why he can and or can't do it in your opinion.

Jennifer L Answered:
There are a lot of arguments out there about whether or not recreational marijuana should be legal, but at this point, it is academic.Regardless, marijuana is illegal and the consequences for your son and you (for contributing to the delinquency of a minor) can be huge.In my opinion, they far outweigh any possible benefits.Your son's 3.6 GPA won't mean a thing if he has a drug possession charge on his record.

AmberWh Answered:
To tell you the truth if he is using it for self medicating purposes, then he needs to go and see a doctor, not be self medicating. I come from a family of weed smokers, and they started out "with moderation" and ended up doing much more than just weed, and not doing it "in moderation" all while self medicating.

Jordan Answered:
If it isn't broken, don't fix it. If it's helping him let it be. If it becomes a problem, then worry about it. I am a every day pot smoker and honestly I am very dependent on it. Need it to feel normal (not proud of it), also some kids thrive on being defiant and If you tell him NO, him go out and get in trouble with it…. And involve you. Personally I'd say let him do it, with set rules and make sure he's keeping up with his schoolwork and his GPA. which btw a 3.6 gpa is amazing, regardless whether he uses pot

Fjf Answered:
Just keep him motivated pot isn't that bad but it makes you lazy, dont listen to these horrible people saying "send him to rehab" that will just scar him and push the two of you so far apart. If he can enjoy a smoke of an evening and still hold down a job then he's doing well with the motivation thing, marijuana is a great relaxant just as long as it doesn't turn into your whole life and also not very addictive as long as you don't smoke with tobacco then you'll wanna smoke it like cigarets

marie Answered:
Sugar is a drug too, and I bet you let him eat sugar in moderation, dont you?

The legality issue is the largest concern.It would be detrimental if he gets caught.However, as far as health concerns, its really not a big deal.The gateway drug studies are quite biased if you read them – they use correlations to infer cause, which simply is not true, on a scientific level, as well as a factual level in this issue.

I personally believe marijuana should be fully legal.

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