I don’t know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!! please, please, please help me.?

Riley R Asked: I don’t know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!! please, please, please help me.?

I am currently in the worst situation of my life. I'll start at the beginning:
Ever since I was younger I remember counting things. It has to be an even number. I would only count things like footsteps and become obsessed with footsteps. ex: If i walked to the car it had to be 2, or 4, or a multiple of 2 or 4. Then, in 2nd grade when I got my glasses, I lost them soon after. Ever since then I had to be constantly aware of where my glasses were. That fear has subsided, now. Ever since first grade I have bitten my nails so much, down to the core where they bleed. I don't bite them as badly now, though.

In middle school I became obsessed with checking my alarm. I would check it again, and again, and again to make sure it was on and set for the right time in the morning. I would waste hours doing this, and subsequently was always deprived of sleep when I could and should have gotten it. I do that less now, though.

In high school it started getting worse. I would check that my outfit was laid out for the next day, that everything was in my sports bag, that everything was in my backpack, etc. Now I am in my junior year, and things are worse than ever. I check my door lock, I check to make sure my contacts are in their case, I check to make sure everything and anything in my room is in fact still there and where it needs to be. I check to make sure all the lights are off downstairs, that nothing is in outlets, etc. I don't do ALL of these things every time, but I do whatever I can remember. If I remember something, it must be checked, or I won't sleep because I'll be thinking about it. I waste hours and hours checking. The worst part is, I need so much sleep. I am an XC and track runner who is trying to be recruited to run in college. I know I can do this if I try my hardest, but my potential is limited because I will never get enough sleep because of all the checking.

I notice that my checking is significantly less or none at all on the weekends or during the summer. It doesn't even exist, then. With the exception of this year and this summer: the summer entering my junior year and every weekend I remain stressed and checking things constantly.

I know this sounds like OCD, or impulsive checking disorder. But what I was thinking was that it was part of something larger, perhaps part of ADHD. My sister and dad both have ADHD. Only my sister takes medicine. I also think I may have ADHD because I make such frequent, silly mistakes, for example math. The other day on a quiz I had to graph three lines on the same graph, but I simply FORGOT two of them. I could have done them if I had remembered, but for some reason I just didn't. For this I got 34 points off. Things like this happen ALL the time in math, and it is the only class where my grade suffers. I am so sick of making stupid little errors.

I don't know whether I am being a whiney baby or if my problems are real. All I know is that when I decided to stay home from school today because I felt sick, I planned on sleeping in. When I awoke at six and spent a solid hour checking and only got 5.5 hours of sleep, I became devestated. This happens ALL the time, and I just want it to STOP. I want to be able to do things when I want, without having to worry about STUPID little things. For example, the reason why I couldn't go back to sleep this morning was because I saw a sock in my room and I don't know where its match is. I don't know where it is, and it is bothering me.

THis summer I enterted a slight depression from all of this. Do you think I can overcome this and return to the mild state of checking where I have been at my previous years of life, or should I get medicine? I am extremely against medicine and I strongly believe in a natural life, which is why I don't like this idea. I also would be so embarrassed to tell my parents about this, and if I do get medication i don't want to become depressed from the fact that I have to take it. I am crying and I don't know what to do. I have no idea. But something really, really needs to change. 🙁


eyecuetwo Answered:
You have a fear of failure in everday things. This is based on how you believe other people would view you if anything that you percieve to be abnormal would happen. For example, the alarm settings would make you late and if you are late you believe that others would see you as stupid or inadequate.

Lito Answered:
I do not sepak english so well but I try to do my best….listen try to read and some day just try to go to a lonely place where u can see the nature and tjat that place be in complete sillence…if u strongly believe in natural life then let this natural life to be ur healer.
and tell ur parentas about ur situation it is very important,you do not overtake this situation by ur self u need help and u need to truth in ur parents…sorry for my english.
have a nice day

Barry Answered:
It seems very much like OCD to me. View my previous answer about effective natural treatments for OCD at http://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/ind Also see Niki's answer. ADHD natural treatments; view http://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/ind There are quizzes for both.

manusia penasaran Answered:
One and most important thing to do about mental disorder is to SEEK FOR HELP. Because if you never tell anybody, its gonna be 100x harder to change the habits. I know youre gonna be embarrassed. But believe me, without seeking for help, you cant go through. I see that your sister and father also have ADHD. So I think that would be easier for you to tell them, right?

After you tell someone, they will help you and maybe you need to take some medicine or therapy.

I hope this could help you. 🙂

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