I am having night sweats, insomnia, pain in chest and left fingers, muscles will act up, headaches e

Ryan Asked: I am having night sweats, insomnia, pain in chest and left fingers, muscles will act up, headaches e

Also nasal congestion, pain in eyes, stiffness when waking in the middle of the night, nausea after eating and this has been going on for about two weeks. I went to a med express and they couldnt really tell me anything other than if my symptoms worsen go to the er. I recently came into contact with a feral rodent that was living in my home but it is gone now and symptoms started when i made contact within a few hours.


jesse Answered:
go to the ER as soon as possible!! you dont know what the rodent was carrying. for all you know the desiase you have could be deadly.

Lizzie Answered:
I would go to the ER and have them tell you what is going on. If it were just insomnia I could tell ya what you should do, but seeing as you have this many syptoms. I would be safe and go to the ER.

Marshmellow Answered:
Well, it's very possible you are just over-thinking things honestly. Nobody can diagnose you on Yahoo Answers unfortunately. When I was very young I used to talk to myself and create people, and when I was older (about 15) I would have issues making decisions. It is possible you're bipolar or schizophrenic, but it's also possible that hypochondria may have you diagnosing yourself and making your symptoms appear worse. Your mood swings could VERY well be puberty, your night terrors (which I used to have as well) are somewhat common for very very young children and somewhat common for people your age. Mine personally went away. Maybe you just need to keep socializing and keep your mind busy. If you're an intelligent person, your mind may wonder and make you think if you have too much time on your hands; just because you think things doesn't always make it true in real life. Weed messes you up too. I used to do that. You need to stop because it puts thoughts in your head that aren't true.

Felicia Answered:
There is no way you can be properly assessed for mental health while using any kind of controlled substance. That said, you may be using to self-medicate for what sounds to me like an anxiety issue. Have you talked to a parent or school nurse about it? Try to get in to see a doctor and explain your symptoms (write them down ahead of time). There are different ways to treat anxiety but it should be under a doctor or therapist's supervision. It's VERY common, but everyone is unique. I have dealt with anxiety issues since I was 14 but didn't get treatment until was an adult. Please don't wait that long. Rest assured though, you are not going insane. 🙂

And, oh yeah, stop smoking. C'mon… I know I don't need to explain. You said yourself, you're smart.

KJ Answered:
u r crazy n u cant be cure.. so just accept it n lets the demon inside yr mind contrl u

blackheartz Answered:
You are describing what is considered to be bipolar disorder.You are also stating that you are using weed and this can also cause a form of psychosis and you should not smoke it because it can complicate the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

But in order to correctly diagnose this type of mood disorder, one should seek out a mental health professional.That person will be able to discern just what you are experiencing and what means of treatment needs to be carried out.

In the meantime, you need to stop smoking weed and make the appointment with the therapist.The therapist will then make the decision as far as the need for more intense therapy and refer you to that person.

Once you have sought out this treatment, you will be able to have better sleeping habits as well as eliminate the feeling of paranoia from your life.

Amin K Answered:
Get yourself checked out by your doctor or a psychiatrist if necessary !

polly Answered:
What do you mean "none of them has a problem with it" do you mean the people in your head? I've smoked weed for over 20 yrs, and have never had other people in my head…I've been paranoid, but it went away! I'd seek a doc. if I were you…especially if you start losing days, or gaps where you don't know what you did

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