I am 17 and in high school, i have bipolar disorder, feel so depressed I can’t even go to school? Wh

Ryan Asked: I am 17 and in high school, i have bipolar disorder, feel so depressed I can’t even go to school? Wh

Hello.I am in need of great help.

I am 17, a senior in high school.i have bipolar 2 disorder, and have gone back and forth between going to counseling centers and therapists.I find public school, the environment, schedule, and learning style to be too much to handle.There are many days when I feel I just can't go to school.I want to just lay in bed and sleep or cry.

I am not stupid.Throughout elementary school and middle school, I was in the gifted education program.I just cannot perform well academically, like memorize a lot of information just to be put back down on tests, or I cannot get myself organized or together enough to finish countless amounts of papers and homework assignments.I love learning but I feel like I cannot handle this school environment.

Lately I have felt like my time is slowly ending.I feel like I will probably kill myself before the end of the year.It's not that I am a bad student, or a bad child.It's just I find it so difficult to perform well and get good grades when I often cannot even leave the house.Today we have midterm exams, and I just don't feel like I can go.I slept from 4 PM yesterday afternoon when I got home from school until 6 AM this morning, and I am about to just stay home and go back to sleep all day.

I feel awful and want to just kill myself because I see no other way to deal with this.It feels like I am throwing my future away.I want to learn, I want to learn in the difficult classes I have but I can't.I can't focus in class, and at least once every week or two I am removed from class and sent to guidance for crying.

What do I do.I don't feel completely hopeless in the world, but at this point in my life I do.I see myself being happy doing things that make me comfortable, and not anxious.I want to get a part time job working at a movie theater, so I can get out of the house on the weekends and make money so I won't have to turn to my parents for everything.

Is online schooling an option for me?i only need 3 or 4 classes to graduate.

If it were possible, my dream plan to get me through this would to be to take my last few classes of high school online, to work part time jobs in the mean time, and then to go to a community college while i sort out what I want to do for my future.

I need serious help and do not know what to do.Any help would be appreciated.Currently I'm failing 2 of my 4 classes, and do not think I can graduate.


im gonna be queen someday Answered:
You need to adjust your medication.Then you will finish school.Online is a good option because then you can do your work in your pajamas and cry all you want and no one will see you.Good luck, darling.

Katie Answered:
Try councelling again or you could see if you could speak to someone who is in the same situation as you. I honestly don't think isolating yourself from school will work, because it will make you feel worse as you aren't having enough contact with other people and being lonely isn't always the best thing

Sabrina Smith Answered:
I don't know where you live but you have every right to be home schooled if you have this problem.

Killing youself is not the answer, You need to relax and remember you have opitions.

Speak to a doctor or councellor who can give you a note saying that you are un well to attend school and from now on do need home schooling.

You can look up and do research on online schools for you age.

You also need to be seeing a therapist every week.
If you are this bad you are suicidal.
You can't ignore it.
Get help now.

I wish you all the best and love life

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