How to "work around" the medical marijuana system?

Lloyd Asked: How to "work around" the medical marijuana system?

Im moving out to California for a 4 weeks and iv'e been researching how I can get a medical card so I can buy medical bud for my insomnia but unfortunately I have found that it is simply impossible to get a card without being a resident, which i am not, therefore making it very difficult to have access to my medicine especially since I don't know anyone except my great grandma. Im not looking to do anything illegal so if you have an idea i would prefer it to be a legal. P.S. Iv'e looked into getting california ID but you can't have a valid ID in two different states…Thanks for your help!


JBSchneider Answered:
Is that you, Snoop Dogg?

Jordan Answered:
Damn. I heard they give out those cards like it aint sh*t there

vida Answered:
Hi I had the same problem,If you CAN means that your brain doesn't have aserious problem so you need to change the time of your sleep,I tried to not sleep for a day!!And tried to tolerate the headaches but at the end of the day I was able to sleep.I know It's hard but try to wake up at a particular time for a few day till your body get used to it(sorry for my english)
hope these tips help you:
do some light stretches for muscle aches
take some aspirin/Tylenol/Advil/etc if pain is keeping you awake
move to a different bed
turn off the TV
get up and do something until youre tired enough to fall back asleep

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