How to make myself pass out?

Crayon Asked: How to make myself pass out?

It's nearly 6am and I haven't slept (I think I may have insomnia, I stay awake a lot of nights), and I've got two hours of games first thing in school and I don't think I'll be up for it because I've been feeling ill lately, plus the lack of sleep – not to mention that I'm never hungry in the morning so I probably won't eat breakfast either. If I tell my games teachers that I'm ill, there's no chance that they'll believe me. Are there any ways to make myself pass out in school? Preferably a subtle way that no one will notice? Thanks 🙂

P.S. I know it's bad for you and it's only for this once, please don't begin lecturing me :3


Seriously? That's like saying I'm only going to purposely slam into a tree going 80mph once. Once may be all you get buddy

Lolli Answered:
um…..i dont think so. You can drink some NyQuil but that will only make you sleepy. Um…..You could try making yourself nervous and not eating. Im not sure how to answer this quesion, sorry. Please answer my most recent quesion, thanks!!!!!

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