How to get un willing husband off methadone?

Kristi Johnson Asked: How to get un willing husband off methadone?

My husband had a huge problem with taking vicodin and percocets. I finally got him to admidt he had a problem, got him on methadone. Now its been over a year on methadone and he is up to almost 200 mg! This has made him gain so much weight and insomnia im going crazy. I want him off the methadone, and keep talking to him about it, yet he go to doctor and get higher dose? What can i do? I want my husband back to who he was before all of this started 2 years ago. Plz help!


Baybay91 Answered:
Counseling…You can not do everything alone.

jude Answered:
you need to find a soboxin doctor, get him into a 12 step program. sometimes its not possible to help these addicts, and you have to leave them.

D Answered:
You write out specifically as you have here plus what ever else and you go to this doctor and you make it clear to him in no uncertain terms to cut him off for all the reasons you'll be giving him.

I say write it all down so you don't forget when you face the doctor…a good doctor will be on your side and understand…and don't trade one habit for another.

There after, start going on walks together – got to get him moving around more to lose the weight.

Good Luck!

Kristie Answered:
Talk to him about rehab and look into NA meetings. Have him go and make sure he continues to go because it's easy to relapse.

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