How much weight should someone gain before their period? How many people have these symptoms?

Ruderman Asked: How much weight should someone gain before their period? How many people have these symptoms?

First off, if a guy does answer this, I won't take offense. Hell, you can't relate. I viewed a few questions about period water retention before this, so I know what is going on with my body. Anyways, I posted another question on here about PCOS or Polycystic ovarian syndrome as to whether or not my symptoms qualified. This one person responded by saying that I have an excess of testosterone either way. "Everyone is so warm and fuzzy, I know!" Now, the symptoms of someone who does have the disease are: sleep apnea or the involuntary closure of the upper airway which causes someone to stop breathing while they are asleep, weight gain, few (less frequent) or no menstrual periods, regular periods with less frequent ovulation, heavy irregular vaginal bleeding found in about 30% of women w/PCOS, and/or hair loss from scalp, hair growth on face, chest back, stomach, thumbs, or toes caused by high androgen or testosterone levels. (I've gotten a little hair on my chin and stomach, and I'm only 17. Then again the process can start as soon as your menstrual cycle begins-12, 13, 14…) other symptoms are included such as: depression and/or infertility if you are trying to conceive. So, after a full on list of PCOS symptoms, I want to ask if this is normal. I am supposed to get my period really ******* sooooooon! I don't really believe in a God, but hey, he doesn't want the wrath of a *****. Does he? Every time that I have a prolongued period without my menstrual cycle, I gain a lot of weight in my tummy and even my upper stomach area below "those things". I'm not going to ***** and moan, but I would like to know if I'm just gaining weight again or if this visually unastetic body is just a result of my late period.
"I want my period…I really mean it!" I've actually lost weight, so seeing my tummy fill out like a woman in the very beginning stages of pregnancy is so anoing. I'm not that big, just a little obsessed with weight to an unhealthy extent.
Okay, sorry that this was sooooooo long, but it felt so right. Just a little point, "Men never go into detail about any parts of their bodies like women do. I think that's funny."
I may get my period, but I'm just going to go ahead and quote south park here…"I don't trust anything that bleeds for seven days and doesn't die."


Sabrina Answered:
well i heard drinking green tea helps a bit water too and milk cuz it matches with your hormones and you dont technically gain weight you have to have an amount of a certain weight girls usually start when they weigh a minimum of 100 lbs you can also move your hips around in circles but usually you gain like 10-20 pounds before but your 17 so it should be coming but i would check with your doctor cuz 17 isn't normal but keep praying! nobody really has these symptoms the symptoms of a period is fatigue headaches cramps bloating and lots more so i hope i helped some your 6 years older than me so keep your head in the sky!

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