How long until Zoloft starts taking effect?

Babydoll Asked: How long until Zoloft starts taking effect?

My doctor just started me out yesterday on Zoloft for my PD and agoraphobia. How long does it take for the full effect. Also, how long until side effects subside? I just took my first tablet last night before bed and had insomnia, dry mouth, blurry vision, and today I don't have an appetite and feel weak.


wildbill05733 Answered:
Look it up on the web.Or, somewhere in the paperwork that you got with it should give you a clue.

John Answered:
Well that is sort of your answer.. The immediate effects are immediate, peaking within an hour and a half if not sooner after ingesting the first pill. The clinical effects take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks to take effect as the drug causes a slow change in biochemistry in your brain to produce clinical effects, side effects may wear off sooner then this. However, it's always wise to guage whether the benefit is worth the risk, if the side effects are too bad then discontinuin may be a better option.

Yas S Answered:
Most medications take a while to get into your system. And they time to start to help you. Also.
The side effects will, slowly, lesson also.

If you don't feel any difference after 4 weeks. Go back and see your Doctor, for a review.
Your doctor should be keeping a close eye on you, anyway.
And, checking your blood pressure.
You may also need a blood test.

Try to help yourself as well.
Try exercising in the evening. This may help you sleep and it releases chemicals in the brain.
Are you having any councelling?
If not. that may also help you.

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