How long does it take to get dependent on ambien?

BANKY Asked: How long does it take to get dependent on ambien?

I developed an anxiety disorder in september which got so bad that eventually I couldn't sleep at all. I went 36 hours+ without shut eye at all. So around december I started sleeping pills.I took half the recommended dosage for two weeks, the full for week, and half again for a week. in hindsight I wish I'd gone full for at least two weeks but I didn't wanna get dependent.

I can sleep better but my sleeping pattern is weird still, especially if I don't sleep early enough (think its to do with adrenal fatigue and cortisol).

So I went a week without the sleeping pills and slept better. I can sleep without using pills I.e sleep with multiple disturbances. But because I want to undo the damage of not sleeping for months I've used the pills once or twice a week since the withdrawal.Assuming I'm still on the half dosage how long do you think I could do this before I became physically dependent on it.

I know the advice will be to avoid it when I can but I really need to get better. I play football for club and school and I have to get a*aa to get into uni next year. I can't afford to go back to anxiety, depression and only sleeping after 6 when I need to go to school. I'm doing what I can to destress e.g meditation lol and imma see my doctor soon again.

If anyone has any answers thanks a lot!


Kojak Answered:
Truth is , it takes many many months , or even years , to become dependent on Ambien . It is designed to not be habit forming

gardensallday Answered:
Sleep studies show that sleeping pills only work for a week or two. Patients still think the pills are working, but when they are hooked up to monitoring machines, that is not what the machines detect.

Did you get therapy for the anxiety disorder?

try the anxiety and phobia workbook by edmund bourne, and you can get used copies of the lucinda bassett program on ebay.

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