How do you increase the amount of blood in the human body?

Bekkah Asked: How do you increase the amount of blood in the human body?

I heard that iron can increase red blood cell count but I need the whole kit-n-caboodle. You see, this morning, my little sister stayed home from school because of a migraine. She made herself a sandwich this morning to eat and when she bit into it, a tooth that was barely loose came almost out. She lost a lot of blood due to a blood clot that was keeping the tooth attached to the gums. She went to the dentist and they took the tooth out.

We also have a bleeding disorder, von Willebrand's, which means we don't clot like normal people.

She's sleeping now, but what foods can increase the amount of blood in her body?


Diane Hilary Cleator b1955 Answered:
maybe you can ask a pharmacist ?

Me Answered:
iron rich foods

Miguel a Answered:
With increased exercise, eating raisins, and drinking water, the muscle will increased, therefore blood likewise should increment too.

Tim Answered:
Basically just iron. However, the body has a *lot* of blood in it. If she went to the dentist, and they were not concerned with the amount of blood loss, it likely is a non-issue. I think she would be well aware if she lost too much blood out of her mouth (it would be all over the floor/bathroom, she would have swallowed a whole bunch, etc.). Honestly, I would not worry about it too much.

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