How do I tell my parents I am suicidal and need to go to the hospital?

E Asked: How do I tell my parents I am suicidal and need to go to the hospital?

I've been suicidal for almost a year, and I've been in a state of mental depression for three years. I've never been clinically diagnosed, and I've never told my parents. I've cut myself, struggled with an eating disorder, panic attacks, and anxiety in private. I haven't slept in 24 hours and I can't. If I don't get help I am going to kill myself. I don't know how to tell my parents in a way that lets them know i'm not being dramatic, that this is very serious.


Tyrell Answered:
Don't kill ur self, it's not worth it. First step is to relax. Now take a nap. Wake up eat A meal. Get some fresh air. Killing ur self will just end ur life. U have too much to live for. See a doctor

T Mayer Answered:
My advice is don't tell your parents about the problem, go straight to a hospital and explain your problem and you will be kept their safe until your parents find out.
I recommend watching "It's Kind of a Funny Story" its a great movie that almost tells your story.

B Answered:
What you should do is buy a one way ticket to some starving diseased third world country so you can see what REAL PROBLEMS ARE YOU ATTENTION SEEKING EMO!!! You don't know what its like to be depressed and you don't know what a REAL ******* PROBLEM IS!!


Sadiyo Ahmed Answered:
Call 911 and explain then when you go to the hospital your parents will see but do this after you explain tell them mom and dad j need to go to the hospital I've been struggling for over a year I'm severly suicidal and depressed I need help ifni don't get help I'm not going to be able to live please I'm not being dramatic I can't do this anymore take me please. I hope this helps and you get. Better my mom was depressed too but now she's getting better I hope you pull through hang in there. Lives worth living I know it doesn't seem that way sometimes but if you believe you can make it through and feel with every ounce of your being that you want help then you will pull through good luck

Emily Answered:
Ok first of all breathe. Take in a few deep breaths and be calm. You need to get up and walk out of the room and call your parents to the table as soon as you finish reading this. Sit them down and simply say. Im depressed and Ive cut myself, Ive had a eating disorder, Ive had anxiety attacks and panic attacks and I need help. Show them your cutting scares and simple say " This isnt a joke, I want to go to hospital, I need help and Im not kidding around about this. Help me" They need to take in this isnt a joke. If they start questioning you about your seriousniss you need to call a trsuted family member that doesnt live in your house and explain this to them. If they dont listen a school counsellor will get you help and you will just have to bed and think about everything in the wolrd that makes your life perfect, think of nothing bad think of everything good and astay away from suiciadal thoughts. Tell a counsel as soon as you get to school and they will get you the help you need. Im sorry you have been troubled by this depressed and anxiety but you need help and you need to seek help right now. Always remember that you are loved. You might not no it but somebody out there loves you and will love in you just have to wait and see. If you have trouble getting to sleep at night listen to your favourite nice and ahppy music on your ipod. Maybe right a bucket list of everything you want to do this year. Right down everything you want to do in the future and maybe draw some pictures or your favorite animal or something you idolise. Just stay calm and postive

Justin Answered:
show them your question you just asked us. just say i need to show you what i wrote down. and please understand that what you are going through is temporary and will pass. suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. death is easy life is hard be strong and live your life dont be a coward and take the easy way out. you have a purpose here figure out what it is and go after it. also dont do that to your family especially your mom and dad no matter what you would ever say they would blame themselves for your bad choice and it would ruin the rest of their lives. they love and God loves you realize there is something within you to love and start loving yourself. so if you can not muster up the courage to say it to them just write it down and hand it to them dont wait until morning do it NOW! RIGHT NOW!!!

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