How do I stop being boy crazy?

Amy Asked: How do I stop being boy crazy?

I'm literarily crazy about guys… I don't know whats wrong with me, because I'm 18, I should be grown up enough to not have wild hormones or anything else like that but its worse. I watch shows just for hot guys, I draw guys, I listen to mostly male singers, I am constantly seeing cute guys everywhere and even falling for friends when I shouldn't… I don't know whats wrong with me? When will this end and how can I make it stop? Does it cause insomnia? because I think it does… I hope I'm not weird or a freak.


Alexine Answered:
Your hormones. You want sex not so much the guy. Plasure yourself nothing wrong with that. Just don't be so quick to be in a relationship and have sex. If your a virgin having sex for the first time can have you turn clingy.

Trolla Answered:
Listen to Backstreet Boys they're HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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