How do I help my mom when she’s not eating enough?

Alex Asked: How do I help my mom when she’s not eating enough?

A couple of years ago my mom was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She's always been kind of manic and has been hospitalized a couple of times over the years because of bipolar disorder and anorexia (through my parents divorce). It hasn't been easy. I'm in community college and am 17, we live together just the two of us. She was doing well for awhile, but the past couple of months she has started to get back to her old ways. She rarely eats and exercises late at night for hours. She will just leave to go on a walk at 11pm and not come back until 1. She stays up to the wee hours of the morning and only sleeps a few hours. She has always had a spending problem, and now she just got her divorce settlement. She has been shopping a lot, and even though she works, I worry that she will blow through the money she's been given for us to live. I honestly just want to keep her healthy, but with her constant need to be doing something (errands, redecorating, shopping, exercising), she is getting much too thin again. What do I say to her? I have tried to explain to her that her behavior has been strange and she is not eating enough. I don't want her to be hospitalized again, and I don't want to spend my time worrying about her. How can I help my mom?


Brandon Answered:
Buy a crate of v8. Daily vegetables and fruits. Have her drink one every day. Hope everything goes well :)

Yin Answered:
u have to stop ur mom even if she wants to go somewhere like shopping or walking…whatever and just let her stay home…try to take care of her and let her eat chicken porridge or any kind of food that is good for her health…..that's my advise!

Fizz Answered:
You got to be the man, you only get one mom. The load is heavy, but now is no time to be weak. Still, if you can find family or friends or counselors to help her, or to help you be able to help her, do it. Even with your description, no one knows best what to do than the people who know her. Just remember that you CAN overcome this challenge and you MUST.

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