How do I get back to normal after ive done so many drugs, I just want to get better!!!!?

Chris Urso Asked: How do I get back to normal after ive done so many drugs, I just want to get better!!!!?

Okay for those of you out there reading this, you have to read this portion to answer the question. I am 19 years old and am currently trying very hard to get clean. I started smoking weed last april, and smoked heavey, a good 5 blunts an evening, and as thick as a quarter, of some premo **** "meds". I smoked and drank only for a good while till septmeber rolled along and I started to expirament with LSA, Lysargic acid found in Hawaiian baby wood row seedsand morning glory seeds, I did that about 4 times trying to trip. At the same time I started to expirament with coke with a friend of mine, We would do coke about 3 times a weeks, usually not that much about a gram or a teiner a night. Ive done mushrooms twice, once in september and another time in october or november, around the same time I tried Exctacy about 3 times. But in december is when I hit pay dirt, I found what I was looking for, acid. For my first time I dropped two hits of some very very potent acid and I tripped from 8pm to 4pm the next day, and couldnt sleep until the following morning at 5am. After that I didnt do any hallucinagenics because all though it changed my perspective on everything, the negative trip was horrible and the negative emotions that go with it, and I felt and talked weird after I stopped trippeing until I fell aslep at 5 or 6 am, I just did coke and smoked and drank. So I stopped doing coke and a week later I am driving to get some weed and on my way back I started to have a panic attack and I started to trip!!! Like I was seeing trails and lights and stuff and cigar burns, and even white noise!!!!, It caused me to have an anxiety attack and my heart started beating fast and I couldnt control it and my chest got tight and I felt shooting pains down both arms and it hurt in my chest, in my head I could feel the blood vessels pumping wildly and constricting and there was pains all over, I clenched my jaw and it felt like my muscles in my head locked up and went numb kind of. After that passed I started smoking ciggarttes heavey to try and stay calms. Now I see things here and there like trails and what not when i smoke or lights and its weird and sometimes I feel weird just in general. I went to the doctor and he wanted me to have a cat scan and see a theropist but I dont have the insurance to cover it, so what am I supposed to do?! I want all this to stop happening to me and I want to get clean but Im scared im going to have a stroke or an anurism or an embilism is gunna pop in my head or im gunna start tripping and im jsut gunna trip forever!!!! I thoought maybie I had psychosis or I was schizo or suffered from some other mental disorder but I researched it and it sunlikely because I suspected myself as one but im not ruling it, however it could be related to the anxiety attack but i dont know. I just want some advice from somebody who went through something similar. I am asking for help, please something serious because I am just scared that I am gunna die or go re-tarted. I want to be clean!


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