How can I make myself a lighter sleeper?

Steph Asked: How can I make myself a lighter sleeper?

My boyfriend has insomnia and is generally awake during the night. Sometimes he'll miss me and really want to talk to me, and since we don't live together he'll text me. My issue is that the vibration from the phone doesn't wake me up from my REM cycle. How can I become a lighter sleeper so that slight sounds wake me up? I'd rather talk to him when he needs me then miss talking to him. (Before you decide he's horribly clingy, he has medical issues and is often in pain… he just wants comforting)

So how can I alone become a lighter sleeper? I heard caffeine helps, or setting up regular distractions to surprise me and wake me up during the night could help (debatable, it could also make me a heavier sleeper if done wrong) I can't find the answer anywhere. Please help?


JAS Answered:
I have trouble sleeping sometimes and artificial light seems to help me wake up. Also taking short naps during the day will help you stay more alert when asleep. If both of these methods don't work, you can try drinking a lot of water before sleeping. This way you will have the urge to go to the bathroom more thus waking you up more often.

Jordan Answered:
Have you explained to her clearly that you were lying there for hours and couldn't fall asleep and that you were trying to use the computer to see if it can get you to feel sleepy? But in all fairness, you could've just read a book.

skr Answered:

Anon Answered:
Plenty of research shows that lights from electronics (phones, computers, TV) actually makes you more awake.If you're having trouble sleeping, turning off electronics earlier in the evening is the best way to go.If you can't fall asleep, reading a book is more likely to get you to sleep.

So whether from punishment or your mom caring about your welfare, not being on the computer at night is the right solution.

Taylor kiss my sass Answered:
I can see your side of it – you weren't falling asleep anyway.
It's not really about being fair though. I'd say your mum just wanted you to be rested seeing as you had an exam the next day. You live under her roof, you have to face the rules.

My mum would freak if I was on the computer at 4am too.

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Kono Randori Answered:
as for your reason for being on your computer; you are in the right. Unless if your mom is very close minded or doesn't trust you in general explaining your reasoning in using the computer at that hour in a clear way would've helpedyour case very much. I dont think you should be grounded for this or punished at all because your reasoning had no real bad intent. But looking at this from your mothers stance it seems like taking away your computer would've been a more suitable punishment as opposed to grounding you which shows that her reasoning may be a little flawed, maybe because it was 4 in the morning though also for future reference looking into a bright screen tricks your brain into thinking that its day time and prevents you from producing melatonin (the chemical in your brain that makes you sleepy) so you should just do a breathing exercise, a muscle stress exercise, or meditate in general if you suffer from insomnia.

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