Help! Sleep anxieties! Please answer?

Devin Asked: Help! Sleep anxieties! Please answer?

I have severe worrying and anxieties when it comes to going to sleep.
I always think of scary things happening, like murderers and such killing me.
Then i think about disastrous happenings like tornadoes and random fires or my parents dead when i wake up.
This leads to me wanting to make sure everything is in order. So then i go through a massive pre-sleep routine.

Lay out clothes for the next day. Brush teeth. Homework done. Showered. The basics right. But!
Then i have to close and make sure the light isn't on in my closet. Then make sure all lights are off that are not in use. Then count my toes and fingers, then make sure my phone is near me incase of emergency.
Finally, I cannot be the last one awake. It drives me insane for everyone else to be asleep and I'm not.I sometimes smack my sister because i want her up so i can sleep.

I don't know what it is but my parents won't let me be tested for any disorders. So home remedies or ways to fall asleep easier?



Maddie Jd Answered:
AWHH! thats awful! and what i usually do is i picture myself in a happy place like on the beach or flying through the air and then i picture myself with all of my friends and i try to relax and clear my mind and take deeep breaths! try this!! I hope it works 😀

Pixie Answered:
You need to face REAL danger, head-on, face-to-face.After your first panic attack, exhaustion will set in and you'll feel an eerie calm–embrace it and face the next danger.Eventually, you'll do what needs to be done with every fear–overcome it!

You can run, but you can't hide forever.Get this over with so you can taste how good life is after you overcome your fears.

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