help, please!! pain and pressure behind my knee cap?

iLux0 Asked: help, please!! pain and pressure behind my knee cap?

ok so i fell asleep on my arm last night it was folded underneath me. i woke up with it completely numb, but i got the feeling back quickly. i was on it for about 3 hours. anyways my arm was killing me all day and i thought i had a blood clot or something. the pain in my arm is gone after a massage but now its in my leg and it hurts so bad. i am terrified that i got a blood clot from sleeping wrong and im going to die.

i am 19 5' 110-115lbs and not very active. i have anemia, generalized anxiety disorder, and panic attacks. so im really freaking out.

its a weird pain. its like pressure behind my knee cap that shoots pain up and down my leg. i tend to get it when its very cold out. so im not sure if its just coincidence that it happened today after sleeping wrong or if there really is something wrong.

has anyone felt this before? i tend to get it a lot im just really freaked out about it today.


airborne88 Answered:
It doesn't matter if anyone has got it before you or not!Your body is different!Just go to the ER and get it checked out before its too late!

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