Help. I keep having to tell myself to breathe../:?

Whitney W Asked: Help. I keep having to tell myself to breathe../:?

Welll Im 13 & my nose is broken. Lately I have been having to tell myself to breathe or I cant breathe. I have sleep apnea, which is a disorder were I stop breathing in my sleep often and wake up because of it. Honestly I feel like im gonna just stop breathing & die. it also causes me to have bad chest pains. I broken my nose when I was young (3)and I was to little to get the surgery so I had to wait 10 years to get it. So this summer I have to get it. I just want to know why I keep having to tell myself to breathe..answers.please../:


cruzrodela Answered:
I suggest just going to a doctor.

Boppity Bob Answered:
Breathing is involuntary…You don't have to "remind" yourself to breathe.Just like you don't have to "remind" your heart to beat or your eyes to blink.

But you do have control over your eyes and your breathing, if you want.Just ignore it, and move on with your life.

Lia Answered:
Oh me too kinda different story though. Do this: Think of someone you love and picture them breathing. If that doesn't work then try thinking of your life goals. I hope I helped. And I need to get my tonsils out on May 3rd. Then maybe it will be better. And if you need help sleeping try taking melatonin. I hope your surgery goes well I will be praying.


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