Get Off ADHD Meds In the discussion and controversy about the need to get off ADHD meds, many experts have weighed in and done a lot of research. One of these is no less than the distinguished World Bank Director, D. Tim Young Kim who also happens to be an expert on health matters. His research on the ADHD meds such as Ritalin indicate that there is real need to get off ADHD meds because they are heavily implicated in brain damage and they might be even more addictive than cocaine. That is not surprising as the basic ingredients are amphetamines, just like cocaine. It is not clear why many people who have been on these ADHD meds have a high probability of suffering from depression or a related mental disorder later in life. Then there is all the research which indicates very clearly that children suffer from stunted growth, loss of appetite and lack of sleep. It is estimated that up to 30% of children may have trouble with these side effects. http