Fellow, born-again Christians, do you agreee Stephen King is a disrespectful author?

Daniel Asked: Fellow, born-again Christians, do you agreee Stephen King is a disrespectful author?

I read Carrie,Salem's Lot, The Shining, The Stand, The Dead Zone, The Gunslinger, Thinner, Misery, Gerald's Game, Insomnia, Just After Sunset, and Under the Dome and I found most of them potraying all born again christians as insane radicals. I mean What The ****?


Yun Answered:
Honestly, what do you expect?
Lot's of people think that we're nuts, and some people calling themselves Christians are crazy.

The guy isn't a Christian, so would you expect his image of us to be correct?

Ghostwriter Answered:
I can't say I've read all of those books, but in all of the stories by him Ihave read, including some of the above, I don't recall him having any characters described as "born again."But I suppose you would know better than me, maybe in the way that personally as a black woman, I'm a little bothered by some of his references to black people in his stories.I've brought that subject up before but the significance of how certain races are portrayed or referred to tends to be lost on a lot of people not of that race or background.I am not picking apart every story he has ever written and I have no intention of not reading his books as they interest me, but there is a big difference between gratuitous racism and racism that may be relevant to the story in some way or relevant to a character's psyche.And again that difference is lost on a lot of people.

Teresa Answered:
I find his work to be disrespectful and promotes negative stereotypes in not only Christianity, but other groups as well. Although, my opinion may be skewed because I don't enjoy his writing, his son's novels are more to my liking.

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