Feels like there is air trapped in throat?

jaeftw Asked: Feels like there is air trapped in throat?

Hello. smoked half pack to full pack a day from late 14-20. About 1 year worth of abstinence in between.
Also chewed/dipped tobacco from 15-16 occasionally
and from 18-20 when i quit smoking i would dip 1 full can in about 2-3 days.

Before quitting dip
(i'm 20 going on 21 in a few months)
i switched to oral snus from sweden, supposedly safer
was much more potent (odens extreme) and
the flavor was extremely strong and burned (they said you can swallow it)
i occasionally swallowed when i did not have the option to spit.

I had no noticable throat problems when i was using regular tobacco/smoking, just smokers cough etc

after the swallowing of swedish snus i feel like air is trapped in my throat.

The area that feels like air is trapped is just above the right clavicle (closer to the sternum) and under the adams apple, to the right.

Swallowing is weird now, i had extreme dysphagia when dipping/snus, but i have quit for almost a month or more, but it is still here.

i feel like i need to constantly drink something to remedy this, but it doesn't help.

There is no pain, just an air trapped feeling

Also from 18-20 i've gained lots of weight from being on and off quitting tobacco

i am 5 foot tall and weight around 142-145 pounds, i used to weigh 120 when i was healthy and active and exercised for more than 2 hours daily.

Now i am sedentary and make poor food choices
I noticed i snore, (sleep apnea?) have poor energy throughout the day, do not wake up refreshed no matter how long the sleep is

I am concerned that this is cancer or some complication due to the carinogens found in tobacco products.

Or is this due to the fact that i have neglected my physical health from lack of exercise, basically is it just because i got overweight that i have this feeling in my throat

or is it both?

Also 2 weeks ago i got a pill stuck in my throat while drinking water, and it happened to get stuck in that area, it felt dry and the pill was sticking (maybe from lack of water going to that side), and felt like it was a pocket

I am also using electronic cigarettes for nicotine replacement (no combustion: little to no carciongens, liquid nicotine, no tobacco product, basically propelyne glycol (or glycerin perhaps) and nicotine liquid)

Any tips or suggestions of what it may be please help
i've heard that it could be GERD (i do not get burning sensatino)
or dysphagia caused by the tobacco

Plan to go visit the doctor when schedule is less hectic

thank you all

** important

this all started when swallowing the swedish snus or dipping tobacco, the uvula would get swollen like infected and would hit my tongue and it would be difficult to swallow, i have quit because of that,

as of now i look in the mirror and my uvula still hits my tongue (overweight?) i also had my tonsils removed


Melisss Answered:
go to the doctor, just to make sure everything is okay. Considering you have a history of smoking, it most likely will be affiliated with that. Don't just let it go, go to your general practitioner. Best of luck

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