Fear of BUGS cuasing INSOMNIA? help?!?

Desiree Hollifield Asked: Fear of BUGS cuasing INSOMNIA? help?!?

Around summer time, my house gets a lot of bugs until we get the exterminator to clear it all up. I got home at 2am and when I went to bed I encountered a small roach-looking bug in my bed. I was awake in fear until 6am, hot and bothered. I got fed up and went downstairs at 6am and encountered a HUGE mosquito. I ran away ruffling my hair afraid it was in my hair or something. I knew it was chasing me so I ran and picked up cleaner b/c I couldn't find the bug spray and I sprayed cleaner at the damn thing and stepped on it fiercly.

I then walked back to the kitchen and encountered a live cocroach on it's back; yes, I said alive! I flipped out and covered my mouth, broke in a sweat and began to cry. It was twitching so awfully! I could hardly breathe and I felt like bugs were crawling all over me though they weren't. I ran around and finally fround the bug spray but it was for flying insects. I sprayed 1/4 of the can at the little f***er but it wouldn't DIE. I was afraid of squishing it because I couldn't stand that God awful crunch! So I carfully swept it into a dust pan and almost threw up. I was so sweaty and dizzy. I turned to dump it outside and found ANOTHER roach on it's back but it was dead. After some curse words and panic I swept it up too, purposly blurring my vision so I won't have to see it. I dumped it outside and brought my cat inside to protect me. I asked myself at one point, "am I dead? Is this Hell?"

I came down hungry and now I feel like I won't be able to eat for days. I often have nightmares about insects of all sorts (except butterflies). IS THIS NOT REDICULOUS? WHAT DO I DO TO GET OVER THIS?


doing Answered:
sucks, pop a few sleep tablets or sleepwith the lights on till you forget about it

Jordan Answered:
Surround yourself with butterflies, they are obviously the achille's heel of this phobia.

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