Family issues also my mother has Multiple Sclerosis.?

Kathers Asked: Family issues also my mother has Multiple Sclerosis.?

I need a little advice. My mother has multiple sclerosis and i am 20 and live with her because i take care of her, i have a 2 yr old son and my husband lives with me also. My mom took in her 16 year old grand daughter due to her oldest daughter(32) who is a meth addict and is currently in prison in kentucky, we live in illinois by the way. Well my sister who is 23 has a 3 yr old autistic son and they recently moved in with us because her husband abuses my nephew. Well her husband visits every weekend. I am out of work so I watch my nephew, I watch my son(no problem with that) and also take care of my mother who cant even walk anymore, well i am the only one who cooks and cleans after 8 people. I was gone today ALL day because I had a Christmas with my husbands side of the family today and we also attended a birthday party of a close friend. Well, children are children, they make messes i totally understand, but there were soda bottles, cans, dirty diapers, toys, paper plates all over the place and my mother has a physical therapist coming over tomorrow and i got home at 11pm to find everyone in bed and my mother telling me i have to clean and none of it is from me, my son, or husband. My sister doesnt clean because she thinks since she works she shouldnt have to, even though she had sunday off and was here all day and i wasnt. But she doesnt watch her son, i mean when i got home i went to the bathroom and her son climbed over the baby gate and threw kitty litter all over the bathroom floor and she didnt pick it up. My niece, she is 16 but she just has the attitude of a spoiled rotten child, and idk where she gets it from i mean she didnt get anything when she lived with her mother. her mother was a drug addict while her husband was in prison because he was a dealer and she cheated on her husband for more money for drugs.But my 23 year old sister really bugs me because she thinks she is perfect, she is never in the wrong, according to her, she beat up my 16 year old niece because my sister called my mom a moron and my niece said she wasnt, so my sister went and beat her up. alls i want to do is take care of my mother and my son, husband and nephew when my sister isnt home. but i feel like i dont get a break, i cant sleep at night. i dont really have anyone to talk to unless they tell me to do stuff that will put me in jail. i just need advice. should i continue to be everyones slave to help my mother out or should i stand up for myself and tell people to help me or get the f**k out? even though it wont do anything..? I just dont know anymore, my moms is dying because her brain is pretty much deteriorating, i dont go to bed until 5am and wake up at 8am(sleeping disorder) I feel like for a 20 year old i have to much on my hands, i also had to drop out of high school so i could take care of my mother. I am always at home unless its a holiday or birthday party, which is really rare, even more rare when i have 2 things to attend in one day. The only time i really leave is to grocery shop and thats twice a month. Do you think i am just stressing myself out thinking about it? I know how to vote for best answer please help me.


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