(Experts only) Can bipolar disorder cause hallucination?

Whisper Asked: (Experts only) Can bipolar disorder cause hallucination?

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder type II a couple years ago.. but I never mentioned the things I sometimes see because I didn't think it was a big deal. Usually its only when I'm getting tired (rarely when I'm not), and only when I'm alone. I do get enough sleep; it's not like I stay up for days at a time, so is it normal?

I don't see other people or here voices.. I see all this.. tiny tiny tiny and very transparent dots falling.. like its hailing heavily in my room. I even see them bounce a little once they've hit something.. just like hail only much smaller like see-through sand. And if I blow out, they react to it. If I reach out my hand, it bounces off my hand too.. but i feel nothing.

It doesn't bother me or affect me too much, but I was just curious. Should I tell a doctor? I'd rather avoid doctors if I can.. my mom cant afford more medication just because some doctor thinks I'm crazy, and I don't want to change the medication I'm on because it really helps the depression.


Daniel Answered:
You should inform your doctor because you may have been misdiagnosed with bipolar.

REEEE Answered:
No, Bipolar disorder can potentially cause delusions while one is in state or manic psychosis like thoughts that you are wealthier than you really are or that people are talking behind your back. But visual or auditory hallucinations are not normal especially ones that seem to interact with you. Just mention it to your therapist or doctor next time you seem the,.

Judy Charlie Answered:
I did psychiatric intake work at a good mental health hospital for decades and I believe I can answer your question:

First of all, do you understand that Bipolar Disorder is an inherited, chronic, life-long mental illness that can only be controlled by daily, medication?Was this explained to you when you were diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Type ll ?Yes or no?

Were the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder carefully explained to you?Did you receive written information about this chronic disorder so that you can get good care and be able to function well in life?Or have you gone online to medical websites to learn about this disorder?Because if you are going to have this for life and it is chronic and debilitating, shouldn't you understand what you are up against?It's like being a diabetic.

And now, for your symptoms:You are having visual hallucinations.Yes, these are common for people who have Bipolar Disorder.What you require is the correct type of medication to regulate your disorder and not just anti-depressants.

I hope that this helps to sort things out for you.Yes, you should tell a doctor.But more importantly, you need to get serious about treating this disease successfully and stop your fear of medication.
No professional doctor would tell you that you are "crazy" because it is highly inappropriate.
After all, one of our presidents had this disease: Teddy Roosevelt.

Yes. I have type 1 and I have hallucinated both visually and auditory in manic and depressive episodes. Psychotic symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations are only in type 1 or bipolar disorder NOS, but not type 2. You need to tell your doctor this so they can re-diagnose you and help you with it.

Carys Answered:
Yes you can. Do not listen to people saying you cannot, psychosis such as hallucinations and delusions can be present in bipolar disorder type 1 and bipolar disorder NOS but not in type 2. My dad has type 1 and he has hallucinated a lot, it ended up with him being put into hospital. He only ever hallucinated in a manic episode. So yes you can have hallucinations in bipolar disorder and you need to tell your doctor because you have been diagnosed with type 2 and you need to be rediagnosed with type 1 or NOS.

Also when do your hallucinations accure? If they are only ever present in depressive or manic episodes then its bipolar disorder with psychotic features (type 1 or NOS) but if you are having the hallucinations even when you are not in an episode it would be classed as schizo-affective disorder so please inform your doctor on this.

Night Angel Answered:
yes, bipolar 1 experiance phycosis, bipolar 2 dosnt but ppl with bipolar 2 can at some point have phycosis whitch would then mean they are bipolar NOS (not otherwise specified), u should tell your doctor but also if it dosnt bother u then you probably wont have to change your meds, usually u would be put on an anti phycotic along with the meds u already take but its your choice if u would want to or not but dont worry as it is common to hallucinate
i was diagnosed bipolar NOS because of hypomania turning to full mania a few times and also because i have alot of phycosis, but eventually being told bipolar 2/NOS as my patterns where of bipolar 2, so u can still hallucinate
hope this helps good luck x

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