Dr. Phil: Make me a STAR in my Own Life

Dan Russo, aka Masterlessmaster, has information about spies, lies and the wars they got us into, which would astound most Americans, but no one is listening to his story. I am sixty years old, overweight, on fixed income, and have a dysfunctional family. But I spent over half of my life in schools, univerisities, colleges, on campus and online so now owe over $100000 in student loans with no job prospects. I have a MS in Statistics and a BS in math, but cannot teach K-12 in my home state of WV nor in NJ where I live now, without a car, I own no land, and am getting a divorce from my wife who cannot stand my snoring. I have sleep apnea and would like to get healthy again. I tried to write Eric Holder with a report on Nazi spies, that worked for CIA that got Israeli spies over here, who got Bin Laden mad at us and made us make mistakes which made the Arab world angry. I agree with Emerson that a man should be self-sufficient, and that he was born to shed healing to the nations. My elder sister is dead of kidney failure, my father is dead and my youngest sister had my mother in Virginia with her phone blocked so I can't talk to her. I have a niece in West Virginia, my elder sister's daughter, who is fatherless, motherless and I have not seen her last two children. I would like to get Out of Poverty and live a normal productive life, publish my story AND publish the collected papers of my teacher, Dr. James A. Diefenbeck. You can find his books on amazon.com. He was my 2nd <b>…</b>