Don’t know what to do about suicidal thoughts?

NightOfTheHunter Asked: Don’t know what to do about suicidal thoughts?

I have had severe depression on and off since I was 12, I'm being assessed for bipolar disorder and I have borderline personality disorder. I have recently been in a huge high and yesterday I just felt myself drop and I feel so unbelievably crap. All I want to do is die, I have access to pills and other things to kill myself and I'm alone. I'm scared of myself, I have tried to commit 5 times and I know I will try again. The feeling is so intense, its like nothing will take it away. I've tried music, films, television, a walk, sleeping but nothing is helping all I wanted to do is end my life so badly. The crisis team are coming round today, shall I tell them how I have been feeling? I don't think they can do much. I just need some way of stopping these thoughts, its too intense 🙁 Thanks x


Live Laugh n Love Answered:
Pls DO NOT commit suicide. I believe u should seek help bc it does help n you will get through it. It takes time but u can do it so whatver u do, pls don't do anything like that

Shannon Answered:
you should tell them all that you can, and be truthful. this is too serious to hold back.

HendrixIsFender Answered:
I've had a tough life an God knows I can relate. I've been abused, neglected, fostered into loneliness, and since 11 I've been severely depressed. I haven't gotten any better and I've been losing hope and pleasure in all things. I know how you feel cause I'm there and I've been on the bridge staring death down, inches away. Contact me if you ever want to talk: I'm 15 too. Just find you some hobbies some alternative to help you cope. No drugs or destructive behavior.

Scoti Answered:
I have bipolar and pretty bad anxiety. I had lost all hope due to multiple drug failures and had everything prepared to exit but then I started a thing called mindfulness as a last resort. It's been shown to be a very effective treatment for depression and anxiety

and I started yoga too. There's lots of free information on the web about how to do it or you could just download Jon Kabat-Zinn – Guided Mindfulness Meditation from a torrent site. Preferably buy it, it costs $30 but if you're in a rush then downloading it might be a better option. My mood has been much better since starting it.

I never believed this type of thing would be any good, I was always only for western medicine but this has changed my life.

Nandita Answered:
a) Meditation is proven to improve mood and reduce depression, and is also not difficult to learn. 15 minutes a day is all that is required to help calm your mind and start to bring about positive changes

b) Herbal Remedies: There are a wide variety of herbal therapies that people can use. For depression, St. Johns wort and ginkgo biloba are the most popular for altering mood. You can Google results to see what comes up. Web MD is a good and reliable source where you can start

c) Exercise: Research on anxiety &; depression shows that the psychological and physical benefits of exercise can also help reduce anxiety and depression while improving mood. 30 to 40 minutes of exercise 3 to 4 times a week is all that is needed.

d) Program your mind so your subconscious (or conscious) thoughts to become more positive. There are a number of self help programs that can help you do this: The best one I know of is at the link below.

Oblivion Approaches Answered:
Start a long term project where you see gradual success and where your time gets preoccupied by working on the project.By diverting attention to your depression the intensity may lessen and you move forward and live another day.Reach out to friends that can provide a listening ear.If there are none, even strangers can sometimes provide some happy relief.Avoid drugs and alcohol that can only help push you to spiral down.If the thoughts don't disappear maybe learning to manage them instead of trying to get rid of them might be a better first step.

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