does he have a personality disorder? what made him immediately turn on me and never speak to me agai

nicole Asked: does he have a personality disorder? what made him immediately turn on me and never speak to me agai

When we were friends, he was so friendly and nice. Definitely one of the friendliest guys i had started to get to know. We started talking over the summer on facebook. Then we moved into college as freshmen (he lives across the hall from me) and we became REALLY REALLY great friends.

Then as we got closer we started "dating". Although he never asked me out on an official date. He kissed me first, but after like a week and a half of "seeing eachother" everyday and night and falling asleep together, he wasnt as sweet anymore. He was withdrawing emotionally from me, not as caring, and he was very moody with an attitude. I didnt know what was going on. He stopped seeing me and talking to me during the day. He would then only talk to me at night. When he messaged me on facebook one night, I told him he needed to tell me what he wants. He then said he did have feelings for me. But when i said we never talk about this stuff, he made all these excuses why he wasnt sure yet. They were rude excuses too. Saying i wasnt genuinely a "nice person" and that he wanted to have feelings for a genuine "nice girl", so he wasnt sure yet. Then saying we had nothing in common, when we had everything in common! Then he said he was afraid i didnt accept him for who he was or the things he enjoys (when he clearly wasnt accepting me!) he said i was the first one to ever like him back like that….i asked him why he kissed me, and he was like "cuz i wanted to see if i did have feelings for you. but even after i still wasnt sure, and i kept on trying to figure out if i did. i dont know why i didnt tell you before, i was just afraid to i guess"

he was making it seem like he didnt like me, so i told him what we did was a mistake. he said "we can still be really good friends nicole. Ive been friends with girls ive liked my entire life. its no news to me. its only gonna be bad if you think it will be. if so what are you gonna do about it"

then he never talks to me again. ever. is incredibly rude when i text him how he is or try to invite him to things. He goes and sleeps over my best friend Caroline's dorm 10 days after we ended. Then he sees me at a group hangout and doesnt acknowledge me nor say a word to me. He blocks me on facebook, goes after Caroline's friend Maddie who is this dumb blonde cheerleader girl that treated him like crap and was very mean. (but she rejects him cuz he asks her to hang out "alone" without Caroline, and she thought he was a creep), he also got his best friend to break into my dorm room at 5am, said awful things about me to Caroline and Maddie about how im psycho and probably "follow him". BUT when he would see me in the elevator or something, he would just stare at me. Not a hateful stare. But a stare like they like you……so it was weird. He WOULDNT KEEP HIS EYES OFF ME!

Then we came back in january. I get a new roommate Maya. He hits on her in front of me and passes notecards through her door about how they have been noticing eachother (Maya started it). I think he told her he just "messed around" with me, and on the card he wrote "oh…..MAYA!!!!!" He then always bangs on his door REALLY loudly over and over and yells her name a lot. He then also becomes friends with my best friends. So much so that my best friends stop talking to me. (not like they hate me, its just they hang with Sean over me) Then when i saw sean in the elevator like a month ago, he was with his friends and he went "ugh!" with a very disgusted face when he saw me. then he just snickered.

WHAT THE HELL IS HIS DEAL?! why does he do all these hateful things to me? he used to be my best friend here!

if he DOES have feelings for me, he should just admit it. But before when he had the chance to be with me, he just cut me out of his life. But if he is "not into me", then why does he do these things to me?

hes not really a womanizer. it seems like it, but thats not the issue. its deeper than that. i just dont know why his personality would change so quickly. he used to be like OBSESSED with me! knew every little thing about me, stalked the hell out of me on facebook and liked EVERY single status like 10 seconds after i posted. we would talk for hours. he really liked me before. i dont know what happened

and he only does these mean things to ME. no one else. no other girl…..

dont just say hes a player. its deeper than that. he truly has some sort of issue. if he was a player, he would have forgotten about me instantly. he doesnt treat other girls like this. just me. for some reason he has this huge problem with me and i dont know what it is. His behavior changed literally like a week into dating me. and he never went back to his original state…


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