Do Schizophrenics actually HEAR voices? ?

Asked: Do Schizophrenics actually HEAR voices? ?

Sometimes when things are quiet or I'm lying in bed words/sentences pop into my head that aren't mine.
It's not like I HEAR them physically. I just think them, but they're not my thoughts.. Does that make sense?
I don't really think I have a mental disorder but sometimes it's kind of sudden and prevents me getting to sleep. Only curious.


Chelsea Answered:
Is this your voice you are hearing? If it your just thinking in your head.

Grace G Answered:
No, Schizophrenics hear audible voices.

Eric Oppenheimer Answered:
No we just talk to each other.

Cece Answered:
I hear voices like she's next to me. Whispering, yelling, ordering….constant madness I am so annoyed with.

Jess Answered:
Schizophrenics hear voices in their heads, and in reality. If your hearing your own voice think, this is normal. If your hearing other people's voices, this is not normal.

lghfaith831 Answered:
Sounds like you just have some energy. Schizophrenics actually hear as if somebody is talking, so unless the words that you hear sound legit and real, i would not worry.

People with schizophrenia actually hear voices, its not a voice in their head but a voice that is external meaning the voice sounds like it is clear and in the room with them. It sounds like a real person.

Everyone hears thoughts in their head, even if they think it is not their thoughts or whatever it most likely is. Its also normal for things to just pop into your head, especially at night time when you think more and its very quiet. It is when the thoughts become a voice that you would hear if you was talking to someone you should worry.

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