Do I have sporadic fatal insomnia?

Lasko Asked: Do I have sporadic fatal insomnia?

So for about a year almost now, I have been worried that I have fatal insomnia.The sporadic one, not the inherited kind.It's just my sleep is kind of weird.Like I will get up 3 or 4 times a night for 4 weeks, and then I will only wake up once during the night.I will fall asleep fine, but I just get up so often during the night.And I always think I have it…so can you get it by thinking about it too much.I'm only 18, but really scared…I'm kind of a hypochondriac but I think I have this.


LYNN in FL suspended Answered:
Fatal insomnia? This was good for a laugh at least. What part of insomnia do you think is fatal ?

nochocolate Answered:
You Don't have it (SFI) but you do have hypochondria, take care of the hypochondria.

Julia Answered:
It's incredibly rare
It usually affects middle aged – early elderly people
It's genetic
You need to read up on sleep hygiene – chances are you reward yourself with a drink or something to eat or some TV every time you wake up so your brain likes it. Try getting out of bed and sitting quietly in dim lighting your brain will eventally get the message after a couple of nights of boredom x

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