Do I have panic disorder? Sleep walking? What’s going on?

Sydney Hartman Asked: Do I have panic disorder? Sleep walking? What’s going on?

About once every month, I get these.. episodes, where I lose control of my body. I start sweating, everything makes me mad, I yell and scream and break things, and I can not control any of it. I have hallucinations and horrible delusions. The worst one I had is where I was watching tv and I got so mad at the people on the TV. I kept tossing and turning and everything was fast and scary. I got up and I barely remember this.. I think I threw my blankets around and cried and walked in circles in the living room. It was one of the scariest things that's happened to me.. then I thought I killed my whole family and I had to hide from people who were gonna catch me. So I went in the laundry room and locked myself in it and i was sweating and I was horrified and thought the world was about to end. I think I got out of the laundry room.. and I remember running up the stairs, which is the same level my parents' room is at. I remember being angry.. It's all kind of blurry. But after that I don't remember a thing. I think I passed out..
This happens all the time, but that was the worst one. I seem to lose my MIND. I can't even explain how horrifying it is.. it's like a living nightmare but worse. I feel like ripping my hair out when it happens.
And also.. after that, I always tend to pass out and sleep walk. The next day my mom told me she heard me stomping and screaming upstairs. She said I was sleep walking.
Every time that happens a family member tells me I sleepwalked. Other than the times I get those episodes, I never sleep walk.
I don't want it happening again because I might do something harmful to myself or others and I don't want to have that scary, horrifying feeling again. I think I have panic disorder, but I don't know why I sleep walk afterwords.
If this helps, this happened since I think I was about 5. It usually happens after im sick, but sometimes it happens randomly.
I also am diagnosed with depression, ADHD, and lyme disease.
Please help.


Gabby Jolene Answered:
Have you gone to a psychiatrist? How about you do some yoga?

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