Do I have OCD? (Obsessivecompulsive disorder)?

Fry Asked: Do I have OCD? (Obsessivecompulsive disorder)?

I think have OCD (Obsessivecompulsive disorder) , here are some reasons why
*My speakers/or volume of anything always has to be a even number (like 5,10,15,20,25) or I just can't stop thinking about it.
*I don't like it when my parents/family or anyone tries to hug me, or anything like that.
*My door always has to be closed, and one day I started locking it and it has to be locked, or I will go crazy.
*I never go to public bathrooms.
*Whenever I think of doing something random, I have to do it
*When I eat dinner, I can't handle food touching each other
*I get annoyed when someone doesn't stop talking
*I have a huge phobia of bugs and insects
*I always have to wash my hands if I touch the trash or something dirty.
*I HATE playing with other people even family and friends, I think its stupid and immature
*I'm very shy especially around girls, or when ones looking at me

Do I have it? Because.. there are some counter things too like
*My room is dirty at times (and I'm too lazy to clean it) but when I notice it more, I go nuts and clean it right away
*I sleep very late at night 4-5 AM


charlie sheen Answered:
yeah ur crazyer than me when i took all those extasy pills hoooooollly **** that was baaayyyydddd

kims68 Answered:
You may have some ocd tendencies, but the only way to be sure is see a doctor.You may especially want to do this if it affecting you daily.Does it interfere with how you want to live your day?Remember, knowledge is power!A medical doctor or accredited counselor can help you to curb some of your issues.Millions of people have ocd and manage to get a handle on it so they can have better control on their day to day life. Good luck.

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