Do I have GAD (General Anxiety Disorder)?

MrsMalik5 Asked: Do I have GAD (General Anxiety Disorder)?

I'm constantly afraid that something bad is going to happen to me or my family.
For instance, I refuse to let my youngest sister go outside because I think that while I'm not watching her, someone will shoot her or kidnap her.
Or, I hate when my mom drives anywhere alone, because I think that she will get into a car accident and die and I want to be there to prevent that.
When my big sister goes to work, I'm always afraid that when she's going to her car at night, someone is going to slaughter her.
I know this is a good thing (to an extent), but I'm obsessed with praying that my family be safe over night and that we all wake up alive in the morning because I'm always scared that a robber will kill us or that someone is going to die in their sleep.
I always leave my door open because I think that if I close it, someone will try to come through my window and kill me and I won't be able to get up and run out of the door on time.
Stuff like that, there are so much more, I'm somewhat paranoid and it honestly takes over my life.
I don't know what it is and I don't know why.
Also, is it a genetic thing? Because I believe my mum is the same way. She's really paranoid and scared that something bad will happen to me and my sisters.
What should I do?


Dirtay Me Answered:
I think you probably do.
So to overcome it, you need to get in control of your irrational thoughts. Take first aid courses or a self-defence class to help feel in charge of your body.
Then practise repeating to yourself "its out of my control".

Sarah Answered:
Yes, you have GAD. I have it too. I worried about the same things. I finally went to the doctor and I'm on medication for it. I also saw a therapist. My life is sooooo much better. To answer your question, it does run in the family. My grandma had it and so does my dad. I hope this helps. Good luck:)

Could be GAD, but also sounds like it could be OCD..have you consider that? The reason I say this is because with my GAD I have a lot of physical symptoms and unexplained/irrational feelings on anxiety, but what you're doing seems to be ritualistic (like the obsessive praying, having to leave the door open) and it sounds like it's really just an obsessive fear of losing your family. If you you think you have one of these disorders, though, I'd recommend talking to a therapist rather that taking pills if you're considering that…pills are just a horrible thing to mess with. trust me

Naguru Answered:
Of late I have become weak in guessing. Most of my guesses are wrong. Pl. therefore go for a thorough medical check-up of your present health conditions, which will reveal the whole thing correctly and also remove your genuine doubts.

Pyschac Answered:
What you have mentioned sounds a lot like OCD as well. It is best to see a professional and get this evaluated.

Rach Answered:
It could be OCD, because you are obsessing over these thoughts constantly to the point they interfere in your daily life or it could even be separation anxiety, because all of your worries are heightened when you're not with the people you're close to.

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