Do I have a mental disorder? (Paranoia, ADD, ADHD or OCD?)?

Sound of Music Asked: Do I have a mental disorder? (Paranoia, ADD, ADHD or OCD?)?

I don't get a lot of sleep and I always feel like somebodies behind me, watching me, I always get scared by mirrors in the dark and scared when I'm at my friend's houses and they all fall asleep first. I really never admit it do nobody knows. I get scared when my cat jumps onto my bed, and I tend to zone out on conversations, so I miss a few steps in directions or like if me and my friend are talking she'll say something and then I'll ask her a question that she just answered. I get hyper a lot also, and a lot of times I mope around and lay in my bed. I try to act lively when I'm with the people that I hang out with at school, I feel like I have a mask and nobody really knows the real me but a few people. I'm scared that people are talking about me, labeling me. I have anxiety and cry over the silliest things like my calculator got a bit wet I would cry on my bed for like 10 minutes. I don't really do much, I spend most of my time on the computer, tv, doing gymnastics. Where I feel most safe. Also I twitch a lot in my face and my legs. And everything has to be equal, like if I type one word I need to type something with the same amount of letters and then my fingers need to take turns using the spacebar and if one gets it more I have to even them out, or like if i get a burn on one hand I need to touch the other hand on that same thing. I like things to be pretty and clean but I hate cleaning and really HATE germs. I never like to let people take a bite of my apple, or a drink from my water, otherwise I have to wipe it clean with my sleeve before I can continue eating/drinking.
Sorry this is so long and thanks.
PS I think somebody's watching me right now O.o


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