Do I have a mental disorder? If I do what one is it?

Amy Asked: Do I have a mental disorder? If I do what one is it?

I'm sick to death of all these feelings inside me. The ache in my head and chest, the want to hurt myself, the anxiety, the sadness…at nights sometimes I spend hour just crying over what appears to be absolutely nothing. But sometimes I am happy and confident, although it tends to be short lived.
I have tried so many personality/ mental health tests and none of them can seem to make their minds up. I don't know who to turn to any more, as the counsellor I was seeing gave it away that I was seeing her to my mum, so I don't trust her. The teacher I was talking to has stopped teaching me now (new lessons..) and I cant go and talk to her because when I did it was almost obsessive how I went to see her most days.
Don't say talk to my parents/ siblings or other family. The last time the found out I was self harming and through out the entire 3 years I was with a class who bullied me, they were continuously worried, and sometimes my mum had problems sleeping. They both have stressful jobs, and my sister doesnt make life easy for them as she has an anxiety issue and keeps going into debt at uni.
I've also confided in a few of my friends. It felt good at the time, they were kind, they gave advice and support..but now they are pretty stressed as well, and I have lied so many times recently by saying I wouldnt go back to self harm. Its also not exactly easy to bring this sort of thing up in a normal conversation.
I just want to know what's wrong with me. I don't know who to turn to. I keep thinking about a doctor, but I'm not sure how far they can keep my confidentiality (i'm 17) I just don't understand myself.


Arthur Answered:
Might just be hormones or depression xx

Lesbian Cops Do It Better Answered:
A doctor has to keep your confidentiality unless you mention suicide attempts. Then they have to do something.

It sounds to me like you are depressed which happens in teens a lot due to social stress and just the chemical imbalance of being a teen. It's nothing you won't grow out of but definitely not a reason to hurt yourself. If it comes to that I'd seek out a counselor.

Dennis Answered:
Don't tell anyone but i have a deep depression, my life made me mentally strong, so i can hold it in. The things that help are : friends or a very close friend that you can tell anything to, distracting your mind with books, movies, music…and the best cure is love, not like family love, but real love. Also sleeping helps for me, i sleep for 12 hours every day 😛

Modestas Answered:
Stop tryingto find smth in yourself . Why are you sitting and thinking of it at all ? People can have different dissorders during life a lot of times. Nobody`s life is perfect,nobody`s life is easy. Just there is no point to be fixed on all it. Find things to do, stop sittingand thinking. If its all too badmay be its a reason to see a doctor. But if notmay be youjust needto live life and stop thinking of al lit.

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