Do I Have A Mental Disorder?

Thomas Asked: Do I Have A Mental Disorder?

I think i may have bipolar and/or schizophrenia for reasons like my dad has Schizophrenia and other things and I have had delusions since i was 7 (I'm 13 now) i also don't eat a lot im under weigh and I dont sleep well (and I cant stand anything scary it makes me paranoid).


The Nebulous Thinker Answered:
Definitely something you should be asking a doctor.Tell this to your parents and ask them to see a doctor.A yahooanswers member may not give you the greatest answer but I'm pretty sure a doctor can (It's their job lol).

Good luck sir.

Mister Answerman Answered:
I think mental issues can be passed down from parents genetically. Children can be affected especially when the parents (or a parent) are displaying their issues in front of you and children are more prone to copying their parents actions.

Being underweight can affect the way the mind behaves and can also affect sleeping patterns especially if you sleep on an empty stomach. A small snack like toast and a hot drink, an hour before bed time will improve your sleeping.

Being paranoid is quite normal, sort of, but could be exasperated by lack of protein and good nutrition. Excessive paranoia could be a mental health issue but don't accept it until diagnosed by a doctor.

Paul Answered:
There are many kind of delusions such as tactile,auditory,visual,some will just come out when depressed or anxious.I do not personally believe it is passed down. You are young and can have this taken care of. Have either you or your mom make an appt with Psychiatrist.He or She can do a med evaluation or even set you up with counseling. You are very smart and mature to bring this out now. Good Health to you.Paull

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