Do I have a depression disorder or am I bipolar? How to get help?!?

Cookie Monster Asked: Do I have a depression disorder or am I bipolar? How to get help?!?

I've been depressed for about 8 months now.. very sad.. my self-esteem is very low.. i have no courage or confidence in myself or the things I do. I am afraid everyone around me will hurt me.. Ive had cutting thoughts as well as suicidal thoughts.. i cry EVERY night over the stupidest things.. i always make my friends mad at me.. for telling them that the person they like will hurt them or they are not to be trusted.. and its how i view everyone.. at times I will be saying something to a friend that is very mean and i KNOW that they will hate me for it and i dont want them to hate me.. but i still do it.. and i regret it but i keep going and going.. which they begin to tell me not to talk to them.. i feel like everyone is leaving me.. or will leave me.. but the last couple days i was depressed but happy at the same time.. if that makes sense.. i mean like I was smiling and laughing and I joined in on peoples conversations and i did group activites.. but my depression over powered again.. and now i sit alone in class.. at lunch no one talks to me and i dont eat.. i sleep in my classes and i dont do work.. the worst thing is.. I am starting to believe that I am just not meant to live.. that this is a sign that No one will ever love me.. or stay with me.. =/ I need help.. but i dont know how to confront someone or how to tell them..


Laura A Answered:
Kids Help Phone is really great. They're great listeners and great people to talk to. They'll even try to help you figure our if you have a disorder or not.

Knowledge is Power Answered:
Only a legitimate psychologist can diagnose you with bipolar disorder.Try seeing a psychologist if you want to know if you have a mental illness.

tod m Answered:
problems from diabetes. Avoid sugar. Get tested.

ChiMom Answered:
If you had a physical ailment, you'd see a specialist.
For mental health you see a psychiatrist, who has been to medical school , and is a medical doctor.
A psychologist is not–but can do 'talk therapy'.
A psychiatrist would be able to evaluate you and diagnose.

Micki 48 Answered:
I think you're depressed, not bipolar.The symptoms you're describing aren't those of bipolar disorder.You should see a doctor, or a psychiatrist,and get started on some antidepressants to help you, and also start seeing a psychologist.A psychologist does talk therapy, and can help you get these problems out in the open, help you understand why your self esteem is so low, and help you learn how to deal with these things.There is no reason to be constantly miserable all the time, when there are medications, and doctors, who can help you.

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