Dizzy,cloudy head, and fatigue. what’s wrong with me?

Amanda Asked: Dizzy,cloudy head, and fatigue. what’s wrong with me?

For the past 2 years or more I've been experiencing these symptoms anddon't know why?I get very light headed and dizzy to the point that I see spots and black out but never fall down.I I feel like my head is cloudy and I'm in a haze, i can't think straight causing me to be very irritable.I feel very fatigue as if I did not have enough sleep.I usually get 8 hr a night.theses symptoms come for a few days and then I'm fine.For years I've been thinking that its seasonal allergies because my nose always runs, along with my eyes.I'm now thinking that its not from allergies?I keep checking the symptoms of seasonal allergies and it doesn't say that it makes your head like this.In result to all of this, I had 3 acute herniated disc 2 in my neck and 1 in my back.I also got diagnosed with Hyporeflexia,which is a decreased response of the deep tendon reflexes, usually resulting from injury to the central nervous system or metabolic disease.I'm in chronic pain with my neck and back daily.I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian syndrome 3 yrs ago,causing me to have irregular periods and infertility.I'm starting to think that maybe one of these disorders are causing me these problems and its not allergies?Do seasonal allergies make you feel this way?I do not know what to do?I talk to my doctor about it and they say that I'm depressed from being in pain.I beg to differ. I feel that something is really not right? Someone please help me? I'm going crazy not knowing why I feel like this all the time?


Ahnyong Answered:
Its because you are pregnant

CasperLOL Answered:
There are a few medical sites you can ask questions on that are answered by ACTUAL doctors. As I don't want to be called a spammer I will just say try "medical questions" on Google.
Ask a doctor, I doubt there are any on Y!A that are authentic.

lolit Answered:
check your horminal levels and endocrines .

Cotton Answered:
Please research something referred to as 'calcium shells' and 'brain fog'. I bet you will find a lot of information that you can identify with and this will explain a lot .

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