Desperately need pain medication,but doctor won’t prescribe?

Brittany Asked: Desperately need pain medication,but doctor won’t prescribe?

My boyfriend Mike has had chronic pain for a year and a half. He had an accident roofing which tore up his shoulder. His doctor put him on vicodin for only a month and cut him off because his surgeon told her she couldn't give him any more. This surgeon tells everyone he doesn't believe in pain meds. So Mike has to get surgery. The problem being,he doesn't have and can't afford medical insurance. So obviously he can't pay the $10,000 to get his surgery done. His quality of life has went down the toilet. He has lost too much weight from not being able to eat,only sleeps 1-2 hours a night most nights,and is unable to do everyday things. Most days he just lays in bed. When he eats he throws up. He also has bipolar disorder ,so this gets way worse. He is extremely angry,depressed,and feeling hopeless. He has to force himself to get on a roof some days to pay the bills. He tears off roofs,so this type of work is torture for somebody in pain. This is killing me. There has to be some answer to this. We have looked into low income medical insurance,but the only type available in Wisconsin is Badgercare. He's been on the list for over a year now,and the odds of him ever getting this is basically zero. Since women with children get on first and there are never a shortage of them. I am DESPERATE for advice! Has anybody been in a similar situation??


HealthFreak Answered:
He could get his B-vitamin levels checked up!! A deficiency in the B-vitamins can cause depression, make pain worse, create anxiety, nausea, etc… Ask the nurse to take a blood test to see if he is low in vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin B5, vitamin B3, and also magnesium.

Sammy Smith Answered:
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