Kurtis Asked: Derealization/depersonalization?

Well, I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this? I think I have these disorders.
It all started when I was 16 I came home from school stressed out and felt like crap and all of a sudden, I had this overwhelming Panic attack! I started shaking and feeling like I was in a dream and nothing was real. I had trouble sleeping for a week because of the constant panic for no reason. and the dp/dr I felt like I was going insane Anyways this went om for about A week then the Panic Attacks stopped, but all of it left me with these weird feelings like i'm in a dream I hate talking also because when I hear myself it does not sound like me I know weird and It makes no sense really also it feels like nothing connects right my thoughts are all out of wack It's really hard to explain but yeah I've had this nonstop from 16-18 and not ONE DAY HAVE I FELT RIGHT! is this permanent? because Im getting older and I have to get a job and such and this is holding me back big time.


Jim Answered:
I use to and still kind of do have panic and attacks every morning and then sometimes it just stopped and sometimes it went on for a week…maybe you should call a doctor…could you answer my latest question..(thats why i have panic attacks)

Seven In One Stroke Answered:
After Depression, Derealizaiton is the most common psychological disorder. You are far from alone. I was able to massively reduce the anxiety the feelings caused, though it took a while. Eventually I was able to willingly induce the symptoms. Once you can see its no more strange or out of control than moving a muscle or any other such voluntary action, it loses much of its power to scare you.

But no, you wont ever be rid of it entirely. It will stop affecting you in any meaningful way, and will become very rare. But as long as you worry about it, you cannot reach the stage where you can start to regain control. You will ahve to accept that it is utterly harmless, because it is. Anxiety just makes it worse.

Naguru Answered:
My cousin has the same problem. All my family members are dragging him forcefully to professionally qualified doctor for medical consultations this afternoon. You may also please stop wondering and in the interest of your good health, consult a professionally qualified doctor.

Justin Answered:
This is a common symptom of Anxiety. I too suffered from DP/DR and I am right now as well for my Anxiety has been acting up lately. Trust me, it will not last forever and it will cause no harm. Keep busy, live your life, and don't let DP/DR control you. If you don't pay attention to it, it will pass. KEEP BUSY! Good luck!

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