Could I possibly have aspergers? What to do?

Baby Asked: Could I possibly have aspergers? What to do?

Ok-so could I have aspergers or another disorder or something? Oh, and if I do what should I do about it? Please do not say go to a docter or anything just something I can do in general, basically by myself. Thanx.
I have these obsessions with really, really weird things
People say I talk very smartly or whatever
I do socially interact although at times I do feel very nervous or irritated and take off to the toilet or something
I am EXTREMELY clumsy
I'm pretty smart (really I'm not trying to brag) in all other subjects with the exception of science and sport 🙁
I'm really rough with toys, dolls, tech anything in general I pull it apart and basically destroy it
I DO have trouble understanding others emotions a lot of the time however I can easily display them on myself
I never notice important things but really tiny things I notice and get annoyed by
people do say I can be quite rude, blunt and short (but I don't think I'm THAT short, blunt yes, rude maybe)
I have difficulty going to sleep
I am 13, girl.


SDOG Answered:
Nope not Aspergers and no one here can tell you what is wrong with you if you really want to know you will have to go to a doctor but I don't think there is anything wrong with you but you are maybe a little bit self absorbed but you seem fine. I don't mean to be mean but that is this impression I got from just this little bit of info.

Neon Answered:
Don't listen to the person below..there are different severties of Asperger's. Possible his Grandfathers is more sever and not as subtle as your symptoms are, so maybe he thinks there is only "one" type of Asperger's. My husband has Asperger's but it is very mild, and he has most of the symptoms you listed above. It took many years for him to be diagnosed with it because he also has Tourettes and ADHD, so sometimes it can be very difficult to decipher between the two. After many years of being unsuccessful with treatment, ruling everything out, and close examination they finally diagnosed him with it. People think Asperger's Syndrome is painfully noticeable (Kind of like how everyone associates Tourette's with blurting out profanities, most cases don't even do this, that is a very severe and rare case!), but it really isn't like that 90% of the time. It can be something a subtle of not being able to show emotions or take an interest in others emotions, being socially awkward/unsure of oneself in social situations, and simple fixations or "obsessions" with particular subjects (sort of like autism, but milder). These are all symptoms that the normal person passing by would not even notice, this is why a lot of people don't even realize what the disorder is. I have had a few friends in my lifetime that had Asperger;s and i didn't know until years later, because it was so unnoticeable. While my Husbands is more noticeable than others, i still wouldn't consider it very severe. I would say just from what you listed, it may be Asperger's. Best to just have a Psychologist evaluate you though because physical observation is key. Usually they can tell just by looking/talking to a patient with the disorder for a few sessions to say whether or not they could have it. And you don't sound stuck up, i don't know what that person is talking about..clearly you are just concerned about your health and being honest about your personality is not being stuck just means you have confidence in admitting it 🙂

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